Here are some of the many services we provide or can assist you with:

Free Roadside Assistance: Our roadside assistance is for all of our current customers and is offered to you FREE!. Just come in, let our trained technicians diagnose and perform the services you need and we will provide you with the information packet for coverage. Already a customer? Visit our program for more details: Confidence Plus Or call 1-877-230-0369

4 Wheel Alignments: We want our customers to get the most life out of their tires. Our alignment machine is calibrated to help us perform the adjustments that your vehicle requires. With our Hunter laser alignment equipment and XL service rack we can accommodate most vehicles including fleet and light commercial.

Air Conditioning: Air conditioner on the fritz? We recommend getting in and let us have a look. You may not need the big expensive repair that we are all afraid of. We can drain, clean, and evaluate your air conditioner system with our evacuation equipment and tools. We can find leaks, damaged parts, repair them and get you cooled off once again. Ask us about ICE 32 from Four Seasons. This air conditioning enhancing product was developed by some of the smartest people on the planet, NASA!  

Check Engine Light or Emissions Failure: Did you have a parts store "pull codes" on your vehicle? Then they try to sell you something that relates to that code? They are just throwing your money at your vehicle in hopes that will fix the problem. Most vehicles have multiple reasons that a certain code is set. We have all of the equipment and expertise to properly diagnose the codes or malfunctions with your vehicle. We will make our recommendations on what should be done to repair your vehicle. Then you decide how far you want us to go before we do anything. 

Example: Your vehicle has a code P0300. This is a very common code on many vehicles. It is for a Random Cylinder Misfire. On one vehicle it may let us know the fuel pump is going bad. On another it may indicate a plugged catalytic converter. There are many reasons vehicles let us know something is wrong with them, it is our job to understand what is actually happening.

Brakes: The repair facilities that want to replace every single item in your brake system say they have your best interests in mind. They don't. We know who they are thinking of! We are going to inspect your brakes and let you know if you should replace pads, shoes or other components. Sorry we don't offer any life time gimmicks. What we do offer is the best pads for your vehicle. We do not recommend using the exact same brand of parts on every vehicle. Brake parts from one company may wear out faster or squeak depending on the vehicle. We have been through a lot of trials with parts and brands and we want what is best for you.

Oil Changes: How hard is it to change the oil, well..... On modern vehicles some can be a challenge. We use WIX brand filters for most vehicles due to their superior captivation properties. How this translates to you and your money: most vehicles newer than year 2000 have very small parts that are significantly affected by the condition of the oil. When you go for extended periods between oil changes the oil itself starts to clump and turn to sludge. When this happens failure is bound to occur in the engine. We try to help eliminate this from happening by recommending oil changes every 3,000 miles and the filters we use meet or exceed original equipment or manufactures specifications.

Most of our services are completed in the same day. Our fast friendly staff do what is needed to ensure your complete satisfaction. With our 2 year 24,000 mile warranty* and roadside assistance we have you covered!


jasper logo associate ownedHere at Sunset Automotive, Inc, we recommend JASPER® Engines & Transmissions for any engine, transmission or differential replacements as they simply are the best product with the best warranty available in the industry.  

Top 4 Reasons JASPER® Engines Leads the Industry:

1. PROVEN, an Industry leader since 1942 with engines, transmissions & differentials throughout the USA.  For more than 75 years continually "Perfecting the Art of Remanufacturing".
2. QUALITY,  JASPER® remanufactured products exceed factory specifications and improve OEM inherent design flaws with updated parts and precise machining.  
3. CONTINUALLY TESTING & IMPROVING, Live run computer assisted testing to assure trouble-free performance and peace of mind for their customers who depend on it with a Research & Design team looking to improve the process.  



DIFFERENTIAL REPLACEMENT We install JASPER® Differentials which are completely remanufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications with a 3 YEAR | 100,000 MILE nationwide parts & labor warranty remanufactured rear axle assemblies and differentials because every one of them goes through our extensive "Do It Right" process that ensures worry-free operation which is why we choose JASPER® Differentials every time here at our shop!

Fleet ButtonFLEET SERVICE PROGRAM   Our Fleet business customers get the highest priority to keep them on the road.

Proud partner of the Automotive Service Association

ase.badge.365ASE CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS,  Know the advantages of trusting only ASE Certified automotive technicians.

Complete Duramax Diesel Repairs Everything from standard service to major work.
Trust Sunset Automotive, Inc to have the right training, diagnostic equipment and parts to get the job done right!

VALVOLINE a product invented 140 years ago, and one that has continued to be reinvented ever since.

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