I went there for the first time yesterday upon a coworker's recommendation.  They were quick, professional, and reasonably priced.  I will be taking my car there in the future if needed. - Faye C.

Being a guy who drives his vehicles into the ground, having a repair shop like Sunset Automotive is a godsend. - Dan W.

I've been going to Jack and his family for all of my auto needs since 1999 and have no plans to change that. - Beth R.

Best automotive shop in the valley. Family owned and always honest, even to a single girl in her 20's who doesn't look like she knows much :). I've been coming here for over a decade and always get quality work. - Nicole C.

This was our first visit and we felt management, as well as mechanics, were knowledgeable, forthright, and extremely courteous. We left feeling good about the repair to our vehicle and we would certainly go back for any future repair work. Thank you for a job well done! - Susan S.

Jack and his crew are the best bunch of guys I have ever had work on my car. I've taken my car to them for the past 15 years here in the valley and they have never let me down. These guys know their cars. They do very good work quickly and at a good price. I have recommended them to a lot of friends who are also very thankful I gave them the recommendation. I've learned my lesson; I won't even take my car for an oil change anywhere else anymore. Sunset Automotive Rocks!!! - Pam F.

I have taken my autos there for over 5 years when I need something done I cannot do. They are honest, which is hard to find these days. Sunset is such a great shop! - Paul C.

My family and I have been coming here for years and these are some really great guys here!  I was taking my Xterra to the Nissan dealership for oil changes for the first few years after I bought it because it was free; every time they'd tell me something needed a repair/replacement of something (no, it wasn't every oil chang, but it was more often than it needed to be), I'd take it to Sunset for a second opinion and only once did these guys tell me I actually needed it.  I have referred many folks here, but just this weekend, I sent another friend here after she was having a hard time starting her car. She dropped it off Monday evening (Memorial Day), they checked it out on Tuesday morning and told her that it was definitely the starter, but that based on the year, when she bought it, etc, that it was probably under warranty, and even called over to Hyundai for her to check. Turns out it was, thus saving her several hundred dollars and there are MANY seedy establishments that would not have.  I'm telling you, I would trust Sunset Automotive and all of the fantastic people they have working there with any car issue on the planet.  As a girl in her mid 30's who knows zilch about cars, I can't explain the peace of mind I have about taking my car there and referring my equally clueless friends :).  Thank you, Jack and your amazing crew!  You guys are the best! - Tracy M.

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